Antique bronze two-sided dragon keyring


Key ring with dragon, made of metal.

Overall length approx. 9.5 cm.

The dragon pendant measures approx. 3.5 x 2.8 cm - double-sided pendant, nicely made, with detail.

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14,00 zł

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Key ring, ornament for a purse or keys, with a dragon pendant, is a universal unisex accessory.

The key ring goes to the client aesthetically packed, in a cellophane bag, tied with a colorful ribbon.

It can become a small gift for a loved one, regardless of gender or age.

In symbolism, the dragon is represented in two ways, in the Far East culture it is a friendly, wise, powerful, strong and immortal being, combining all elements, guarding what is the highest value. It is a symbol of fertility, fertility and power.

In Christian culture, the dragon was rather represented as a symbol of evil, a malicious, venomous creature, hating the human race, often identified with Satan.

Today, the dragon is often found in fantasy literature, where he is depicted in various interesting ways, not necessarily as a clearly good or evil being, but usually powerful and penetrating, guided by a kind of value system and high intelligence.

Depending on your monitor settings, the colors may vary slightly.

Our jewelry and accessories are created according to our own ideas in our studio, in single copies or short series.