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Surgical steel bracelet with lotus flower and string


Bracelet made of high quality coated string of jewelry, with lotus flower charms made of surgical steel (pendant measures approx. 1.5 x 1.3 cm.).

Universal size - we change by pulling the knots.

Tips and knots carefully secured against loosening and fraying.

On request, a different color string.

For availability of colors, please ask before buying.

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The lotus flower is a very rich and ambiguous symbol, but many cultures and religions give it some common meanings.

It is a symbol of beauty, purity and harmony of the body, mind and spirit. It is also interpreted as a symbol of reincarnation and perfection.

In the context of the Christian religion, it symbolizes purity and fertility.

In psychology, the lotus flower is a symbol of the strength of mental resistance, the ability to turn life obstacles into potential. Ability to overcome periods of emotional pain and great adversity, as well as a symbol for people who not only can hide their pain, but also transform it into serenity or the ability to self-control or perseverance in pursuit of the goal.

    Surgical steel - is an extremely durable metal, does not cause allergies.
    Product with attached jewelry tag, without price.

Our jewelry is created according to our own ideas in our studio, in single copies or short series.